time and dates:French knitting and crochet workshops


There is really nothing nicer than being in the company of a group of like minded people:nibbling on buttery croissants, sipping on chilled white wine, chatting about some new yarn, knitting and crocheting, relaxing on the terrace or with your feet up in front of the wood burning stove, in France!

next workshop dates:

Knitting and crochet holidays 2018

July 2018
Leeds to Limoges www.ryanair.com
Thursday 5th-8th July 
Fully booked

Leeds/Manchester to Limoges www.ryanair.com
Thursday 28th June-1st July
Crochet workshop with Michelle Pilkington
£35.00 for kit
Fully booked

Leeds/Manchester to Limoges www.ryanair.com
Thursday12th-15th July
Crochet workshop with Michelle Pilkington
£35.00 for kit
Fully booked

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  1. Dawn avatar
    Dawn Oct 29, 2015

    Holidays sound fun. Is there a room for 1 available on 19 Feb. I have a vegan diet. Would that be a problem.


  2. Corinne Hill avatar
    Corinne Hill Nov 12, 2015

    Please could you give me some more info on the Fairisle weekend:
    How much does it cost/what is included?
    Do we make our own travel arrangements?
    Many Thanks

  3. jaki bogg avatar
    jaki bogg Dec 1, 2015

    Hi Corinne
    were you still interested in the February holiday? Just to let you know that the single en-suite has been booked, and 2 ladies are possibly looking to book the twin en-suite.
    The flights to Limoges from liverpool are very good at the moment http://www.ryanair.com
    best wishes

  4. Sue McQueen avatar
    Sue McQueen Dec 17, 2015

    I would like to book a place, please!!